Writing is tough

For me, writing has never proven difficult. A blank page does not intimidate me. Rather, a blank page lends itself to an endless amount of possibilities. Perhaps that is the problem. Where do I even begin? Which character do I choose? What story? What setting? It becomes very tough to make a decision. Then when you do settle on an idea or a character, you have to make sure the whole story will translate into something big. Or else you’ll get through 50 pages of a novel and realize you have a beginning and ending, but no middle.

About a week ago, I sat down and tried brainstorming ideas for a television pilot. Questions ran through my head once again. Drama or comedy? Hour long or half hour? A story every episode or one long story drawn out over a season? What’s the hook? Has this been done already?


Additionally, my mind has been locked on novel and feature film writing; while longer in length, these two media have shorter stories than television shows which need to have endless possibilities for story arcs.

Eventually, I did settle on a TV idea that seems like it’s never been done, yet isn’t so far out there that nobody will understand it.

Writing is tough. I think a lot of writers doubt themselves. “This isn’t edgy enough”, “This won’t sell”, “This character’s too shallow”, are all thoughts that I’m sure have crossed other writers’ minds. My solution to all that? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – just keep writing. First drafts are meant to be revised. Let the questions sink in when you’re on your second draft. Chances are those questions won’t be as heavy since you’ll probably feel accomplished in finishing that first draft. You’ll be closer with your characters and know where the story is going.

For a laugh, check this out. Sound familiar?


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